When the agent schedules the showings

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In the Greenwich area, like many other markets, the upper tier of properties are shown "listing broker accompany".  For homes under a certain price point there is usually a key box.  Now traditionally one just called the office to set up the appointment if one was needed.  Simple. With vacant key box homes, one just went.

BUT, more and more I see "call listing broker for appointment".  Now I don't mind calling the LB to set up the appointment even if it's vacant.  I always set up tours in advance - no problem.  WHAT really gets me going however is if I call and the call is not returned in a timely fashion.  I'm sorry 6 hours is not timely

I don't know the reason for this trend.  Perhaps the agents feel it's one more service they need to provide.  They want to prove their value for that _%.  And that's all well and good.  But answer the damn phone.

The 6 hours was in fact the time it took to confirm an appointment for a vacant home I showed this last weekend.  My buyers liked it and asked some questions.  It took numerous calls and over 24 hours for the agent to call me.  24 HOURS! This is just not acceptable on so many levels. 

The good news is my buyer clients like the house.  We'll look at it again when they return from vacation.  The bad news is I may have to negotiate with this agent. OH. . . .


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