Come to Baltimore, it is a better place to live than DC

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Well first let me say that I don't work for Baltimore or Maryland government, and this is not a goverment sponsor camapaign to get more people to move to Baltimore.

This morning I stumble upon an article from the Washington Post online by Frances Stead Seller, , where she compares the CHARM of Baltimore lifestyle to DC own lifestyle. It is a great article, I think both cities are great, but they are not for everybody, some of us like to have the mix of big city and small town, and Baltimore is just that, here it is easy to play 6 degrees of separation with everybody who live here. When I meet new people we always findout that we have a friend or acquiatance in common.

Baltimore is just minutes drive to the country side, if you want to get away and recharge, there are vinyards with great wine, farms where kids can have fun in, the state fair is great with rides and shows for everybody. I love sports so you can watch good football and baseball in a great ball park.

I was not born in Baltimore, and I have only been here 11 years, but this is my home now, I like the layback lifestyle, the 20 minute commute to anywhere I want to go, the friendly people around, the close proximity to other major cities, to the country side, the beach, the lakes and rivers.

Yes I have to admit it is not a perfect world, there are some issues, but every city has its owne sets of issues. If you want to read the entire article from Washington Post click here

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