An Amazing Evening in Interlochen

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 Chicago Live at Interlochen, MI   Last night, my wife and I attended a concert at the Interlochen Academy for the Arts in Interlochen, MI.  It's a school for the performing arts, and they host a series of student productions in the winter and spring, and a series of professional concerts and performances during the summer and early fall.  We saw the classic rock group Chicago last night, and it was truly an amazing evening.

For you lovers of classic rock, you know that Chicago, the band, has been together, creating music and touring since 1967.  Any group that can last for 44 years has my respect, and this one still has several of the original band members.  There music spans several generations, and the audience last night reflected that.  We saw teenagers, 20-somethings, 30-somethings, and the whole spectrum of baby boomers from their forties to their late 60s and beyond.  It's a testament to Chicago's artistic creativity and unique sounds that they can attract so many different age groups. 

The band performed for well over two hours, and the music and energy level were both incredible.  The crowd was enthusiastic, wildly applauding, clapping and swaying in time to the music, and the band fed off that energy from the crowd.  The music took me back to my own youth, and I recalled that I saw Chicago in concert in the city of Chicago back in 1979.  I was 17 at the time, and the event was a lot of fun, but I think it had more meaning to me now in my middle age.  Music at its best evokes memories of times past, and when we experience that connection, it makes the music that much sweeter.  I am still having difficulty believing it's been 32 years since I saw them last.  Sometimes it feels like it's been only a brief period of time, and sometimes it feels like the lifetime it's actually been.  I half-jokingly say that I am still just as immature now as I was then-- I think that's my way of holding on to my youth. 

At any rate, it was an amazing evening spent in the company of my beautiful wife, Amy, and 2500 of my closest music loving friends.  To be able to sit on the shores of Green Lake, listening to the big brass sound of Chicago while watching the sun set over the lake, is an experience not to be forgotten.  Interlochen Arts Academy is a remarkable school, having produced dozens and dozens of famous and successful alumni.  And to have that huge cultural icon in the small town of Interlochen, here in northwest Michigan, means that we have access to some of the most talented and entertaining singers, bands, entertainers, plays, and musicals.  We may be a small community, with all the charms of a small town, but we definitely have a larger city sophistication.  That's a combination not easily replicated any where else in the world. 

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