Are Flyers Useful?

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Thanks for posting...very interesting comments and in a wide range.  I'm using Fliers while knocking doors as folks seem to like to have something in their hands.  I have only had good comments from folks face to face.  Especially when it's a well put together flier.  I think Fliers are Still A Good Thing :)

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Do agents still use paper flyers outside their listings? With all the text, mobile websites and QR codes out still a few clients insist on them!  Does this cost you buyer leads because you get no information from them in return for providing them information on a paper flyer?

How many agents still use paper flyers outside their listings?

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Robert Rauf
HomeBridge Financial Services (NJ) - Toms River, NJ

While door knocking, I think they are a Must....  and for open houses, Ditto....

It is like leaving a calling card, not everyone knows what a QR code is, and even if they do, they may never use it.  and you cant rely on someone going to a website, but when handed paper, they will look at it.

Aug 25, 2011 04:26 AM
James Loftis - West Palm Beach, FL

I like flyer advertising. Try to do so whenever I can.

Aug 25, 2011 04:45 AM
Scott Freedle
Metro Brokers Freedle and Associates - Centennial, CO

I have not had a listing for a while, usually work as a buyer's agent.    I will be watching to see what agents have to say.

Aug 25, 2011 04:45 AM