Silver Spring Neighbors Save Energy and Money

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Home InsulationPeople in the DC Metro area know the importance and value of energy conservation. Recently, seven families in Silver Spring got together to save energy—and saved themselves some money in the process.


It started with one local couple attending a Takoma Park meeting about energy conservation, which got them really motivated to weatherize their home. They thought it was such an important idea that they checked a neighborhood listserv and contacted their Fairview Court neighbors, inviting them to a meeting at their home to hear more.  Also attending the meeting was WeatherizeDC, a local nonprofit that helps people with home weatherization.


Of the 13 townhouse residents who attended the meeting, seven families decided to have their homes weatherized.  Because they signed up as a group, the families also received a 15 percent discount on the work.  WeatherizeDC got quotes from local businesses and the Fairview Court folks chose Continuum Energy Solutions, a company based in Alexandria.


Each of the Silver Spring homeowners had specific needs, but one common fix was installing insulation as well as closing up cracks in walls and ceilings. These small improvements keep a house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


Amazingly, this was the first time WeatherizeDC had ever worked with a group of homeowners, but things progressed with no issues and work on all the homes will be finished sometime in early September.  The average cost for each home’s weatherization was about $3,000, which the families will probably make up just in their first winter’s lower heating bills. Overall, they’ll be saving 15 to 25 percent on their energy bills.


So if you’re thinking of weatherizing your home, check to see if your neighbors are also considering it. If you’re a close-knit neighborhood, you might be able to join to together like the Silver Spring families and get a group discount on the work.  Sometimes there’s safety—and savings—in numbers.


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