Triad Real Estate Market in North Carolina

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In spite of all the negative and discouraging news about current foreclosure rates and forcast foreclosure rates, well-prepared and leveraged homeowners still have hope.  It is still, as always, very important to have your home truly prepared for sale.  It is not, and never has been, enough to simply put a sign in the yard, put your dream price on the property, and let it be.  Today this type of preparation may best be described as "delusional" or "wishful thinking."  Today, what is required is agressive, realistic pricing based on true seller net (or lack thereof) way before a property is listed on the market.  If this isn't done, a very long market time is in the cards due to the smaller numbers of qualified buyers who are absorbing this huge inventory.  I firmly believe that if realistic pricing principles are followed, there is more than hope.  Especially if you have a well-connected careful Seller's Agent representing you.  Statistics are painful, but all Real Estate is local.  The perception of your home on the market is what counts.  Sellers must be absolutely sure they are prepared to do what it takes, in cooperation with their Seller's Agent and all applicable laws, to generate that contract that one day will actually be "closed."

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