Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Bus Schedule and information!

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Here we go again!  Another school year is beginning and that means the return of the SCHOOL BUS to the road!

If you plan to ride the bus in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, you should know that the bus schedule has changed in some areas.  In order to find out where your bus stop is and what time you should be there you can sit outside and flag down yellow school busses as they pass by (not recommended) or you could go right to the source, input your address and see exactly where the bus picks up and drops off!


Find your bus by clicking here!

Please remember to watch out for those school busses out there and do not pass them illegally.  Not so much for the older kids riding the bus, but those little ones are nearly impossible to see coming out from behind the bus and they don't have the experience or judgement to NOT run out in front of you so BE CAREFUL

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Mable Butler

Summer school 2015 transporation information was supposed to be posted on the website by June 11th. Still nothing posted as of Monday, June 15th at 4:40pm. I do not know where in the neighborhood my son is to catch the bus on tommorrow the first day of summer school. This is rediculous. Looks like someone dropped the ball. Called Mr. Martin at 281-897-4187. Said he would call me by five and still nothing from him either. I guess I will have to take off work and go drop him off at the Middle School assigned (Cook Middle) mystelf and hope they get him on the right bus to drop him off at the bus stop. This is one angry parent........

Jun 15, 2015 07:44 AM