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"In season"  and "Snow birds" are concepts unique to South Florida. I remember my brother in law telling us for years that South Florida is empty during the summer but come October it is over crowded. I find that in Aventura that's really no longer true and the majority of people I meet, young professionals and seniors alike, are living here full time. Yet, this time of year always comes as a surprise, I  wonder where all the snowbirds are going....because it is true while season begins in October ( obvious when looking at hotel prices) you can really feel it brewing right about now ...another few weeks and Biscayne Blvd will be bumper to bumper.

 So what is new in Aventura this season? Well there has been lots of news..

  1. Luxury Condominiums ready for sale- You really can see the progress on the Beach..there are many condos to choose from such as Acqualina, Trump, Chi etc. On 188th Street, Artech is making great progress, Uptown Marina Lofts are now complete and available, Alaqua, Atrium, Eastside & 3030. This is truly the time to buy in Aventura, there are lots of opportunities; sellers are negotiating;mortgage rates are still low; and hurricane season has seemed to pass us by and development is still strong. There are many great buys worth looking into!
  2. Miami Gardens Drive construction is now complete and goes thru to 185th street for easy access to the upcoming Terzetto and Williams Island.
  3. Performing Arts Center- The Library is under construction by Dade County and The City of Aventura voted on building a new Performing Arts Center next to it. The Designs are still in development and it is sure to be an amazing project for our City.
  4. Bourbon Steak House- Turnberry Isle Fairmont Golf Resort will be home to the first steak house, a Michael Mina restaurant, open to the public on Country Club Drive, the "circle". Not only convenient, but Chef Rothschild is the former executive chef at The Forge in Miami Beach and General Manager Riccardo was director of operations for the Norman Van Aken Companies. Michael Mina, a Bon Appetit Chef of the Year (2005), is founder of Mina Group with Andre Agassi and has establishments in Las Vegas and across the country. 
  5. Nordstroms will be opening in February 2008 at the Aventura Mall along with an expansion that includes new restaurants and many exclusive boutiques...to name a few Michael Kors, Juicy Couture, and Cafe Lux.

Plus...Pangea festival is coming to Aventura in January!

Join us in Aventura and see why we are known as the "City of Excellence". For more information visit us at http://www.aucouranthome.com/. Au Courant Home is a boutique firm that is all about enhancing your experience of living at home. Services include Real Estate Sales, Relocation, Home Staging & Interior Decorating & Design.




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