What Is Happening In The Renton Wa Real Estate Market?

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Renton Wa Real EstateIf you are thinking about selling a home in Renton WA, there are a few things you should know and take into consideration before putting up that for sale sign.

As of today there are currently 991 homes & condominiums for sale in the city of Renton WA according to NWMLS data. In the last 12 months there have been 2277 sales closed making the average number of homes sold on a monthly basis 190. That means that on a 12 month timeline, there is a 5.22 month supply of homes on the market right now if no other home is listed for sale. On a 3 month timeline there have been 484 closed transactions, making the average monthly closed transactions 161 which translates into there being a 6.14 month supply of homes on the market. Right now there are 187 homes on the market that have been listed just this month.

So the question is, in such a competitive environment, what can you do to get your home sold?

In any real estate market there are three key areas that you should be mindful of. They are Presentation, Promotion and Price.

Presentation is how your home shows. The first place to begin is with the landscaping. Curb appeal has and will always the first thing a potential buyer will look at when considering your home. The second thing is the exterior paint. Cracking, chipping paint on the siding and trim is the second thing a buyer takes notice of before they even enter your home. If you take care of those two things it sets their mind up to expect the inside of your home to be a place they would like to live. Of course it is imperative that the inside of your home show like a model home. Consider having your home staged to ensure your home shows at it's best for every buyer that comes to look at your home.

Promotion is the job of your real estate professional. The basic things all real estate agents should provide to you is a quality sign in your yard, a lock box for easy access and flyers for buyers to get instant information on your home when they pull up. Entry into the Multiple Listing Service is also a fundamental marketing tool you should expect from your agent. Northwest Multiple Listing Service has over 20,000 members any of which could be working with the right buyer for your home. The MLS gives those agents instant access to your property information so they can get it to their waiting buyers. In addition to the basics there are a wide variety of tools available to expose your home to the buyers and agents in Renton WA. Every Renton Real Estate Agent is unique and has an individual approach to marketing real estate in Renton. Interview several Renton Real Estate Agents to get a feel for the different marketing plans available before you decide to sign a listing agreement.

Pricing is a function of being in touch with your real estate market. Agents don't decide the price of real estate. What your neighbor says doesn't effect what your home will sell for. What you paid for your home doesn't effect what a buyer thinks it's worth today. How much you owe, how much you need or what you want does not change the value of your home to the buyers available to purchase your home today. The price your home will sell for is totally dependent on what a ready, willing and able buyer is willing to pay for your home today. Your agent's job is to help you analyze the trend for your area and help you place your home on the market at a price competitive with the other homes in Renton that are currently for sale and have recently sold. It's your job to be flexible and adjust your price if the agent is doing what they are supposed to do to expose your home and no offers come in.

This is a basic overview of what it takes to sell a home in Renton Wa or any place else for that matter. Your Renton Real Estate Agent can help you put together a personalized plan to get your home ready for sale, priced to be competitive with the market and exposed to every buyer and agent in the marketplace so you can enjoy a successful real estate transaction.

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