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While waiting for hurricane Irene to reach East Hartford. I thought I would take advantage of the electricity I do have. Not that I am hoping to lose power but  I would like  to be a prepared for the worst case scenario.

While reading  others Active Rain member's post, in hopes for inspiration, I came across this post that is worth reading.


While this has never happened to me, being a Realtor in Connecticut you get to see and experience just about anything when you are visiting home.

Original content by Bud & Beth McKinney

I still laugh and can't believe it everytime I remember the agent telling this story.   At our office we like to share the stories of the trade and this is a great one.

Female Realtor out showing property to a man, his wife and their 3 year old son.   The son was allowed to cross his arms across his chest and look at any rooms in the houses they were viewing as long as he did not touch anything.   They got upstairs in this one house and the young lad went one way and the agent and parents the other way.

Within seconds, the young child was terrified and tugging on his mom's slacks, saying:   Mommy, mommy, there is a dead person in that room.   Obviously, the three took off to the master bedroom where you found one of those large 4 poster beds that was high off the ground.   And there, was a man's leg sticking out from UNDER THE BED. 

Agent, being fun-loving, casually bent down and asked the man what he was doing.   His reply:   "I like to hear what people are staying about my house -- didn't know my leg was sticking out.

Oh my gosh, I am laughing now.    Enjoy this true story during the wind and rains of Hurricane Irene. Be safe my friends.

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Lori Bowers
La Quinta, CA
The Lori Bowers Group

That is a really funny.

Aug 27, 2011 10:52 AM