Is Investing in Real Estate in 2011 a RISK?

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……If real estate goes down,  it is dangerous,

                  if it is dangerous, there is a risk,

                              if there is a risk, there is.......



                  Interesting quote from Allan Harris of Allans Trends.

                                                 IS now the time to buy?

 The above quote came from Allan Harris of Allans Trends. I heard it on a show on the radio. I love to listen to talk radio when I’m driving.

He was talking about the stock market and how he believes September and October will see a downward turn in the market, and it in turn will affect Real Estate…No brainer, right?

               Trump also recently said to buy good stuff, not the junk.


                           Is there an BIG opportunity right now?


 You betcha!  Two million Dollar homes are being SOLD for $1 Million and $1Million Dollar homes are being sold for $500,000! ETC, ETC.

Look at the long term investment…..It will probably be 5-10 years until we see the appreciation we want in Real Estate, so buy the GOOD STUFF and hold onto it for a while….

My dear Fraternal Grandma…DeDe said one of the most profound things I have ever heard.

"I don’t understand what all the fuss is about….Just BUY LOW and SELL HIGH !!!! "


                    So Is there risk in Investing in Real Estate in 2011? YES! 


                            But IS  there is BIG Opportunity as well?



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