"Not guilty" verdict? Expose the false accusers

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"Not guilty" verdict? Expose the false accusers.

I've never met Agostinho Rodrigues. I've read that he's a pretty dang good soccer coach, though- and in catching up on some reading today I've seen how the former Edgewater (Orlando) coach's trial has wrapped up. The verdict? Agostinho Rodrigues was found NOT GUILTY of all charges levied against him.

Rodrigues was found NOT GUILTY- so it's time to expose the false accusers that tried to send him to prison and have done a great deal towards wrecking this man's life. Yet they remain cloaked under the cowardice of anonymity.

NOT GUILTY of all 6 counts of lewd and lascivious molestation he was charged with

NOT GUILTY of the 1 count of sexual activity with a child that he was charged with

Despite damning testimony from both his false accuser and her mother, Rodrigues' trial revealed that there was absolutely no physical evidence that he committed a crime, no independent testimony whatsoever to support the false accuser's fairy tales.

What did Rodrigues' trial reveal?

False accuser claimed incidents happened in November and December of 2009

False accuser waited until sometime in January, 2010 to tell her parents about the incident

False accuser's mother decided to wait until the end of the school year (May or June of 2010) to go to the Orlando Police about the incident. Her rationale? She said she wanted to wait until school was out- to protect her daughter.

What? I can boldly say one thing on here: It'd surely be illegal and arguably "wrong", but if I get word from my daughter that a guy's done to her what this false accuser claimed Rodrigues did to her, someone else is gonna have to call the Orlando Police and see if they get lucky and beat me to the guy. There'd be no "waiting until school's out"- unless it's me waiting in the parking lot to whoop that guy's tail until somebody came along to save him. But I digress...

Am I tough on the false accuser and her mother? Nope- for I've seen both sides of this coin. Call it some kind of chivalry or just some old-school country raisin', but there are some things you just don't do. You don't put your hands on a female in anger- not ever, nor for any reason. You don't beat your kids- for while they require discipline, there's no excuse for beating them and it's easy to tell the differences.

And I've been molested- twice. I know the realities of having a parent hear of it, too. When I finally told my mother of one of my cases of molestation just a few years ago, I had to beat her to the door then- for 30 years down the road she was going to beat the heck out of a guy that surely would've fallen victim to the element of surprise and a .38 pistol. That's what a mother does.

The 3rd thing you don't do is falsely accuse someone of molestation,rape,incest and the like- for each time a believable accusation turns out to be false, there's a chance that a true claim will be dismissed by folks hardened by hearing lies.

So let's expose the false accusers here- by name. Adding their names to a list that includes Tawanna Brawley, that lyin' stripper that tried to wreck those Duke lacrosse players' lives and that liar of a maid that took down the IMF head is the least we can do for innocent Agostinho Rodrigues as he sets about rebuilding his life and career.


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Fred Griffin, on leave of absence from ActiveRain
Fred Griffin Real Estate - Tallahassee, FL
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

False Accusers, and the Prosecutors who aid and abet them, should face severe Civil and Criminal Penalties.

Aug 28, 2011 04:18 PM #1
Dennis Burgess
AmeriTeam Property Management - Mid Florida, FL
Orlando Property Manager and Realtor

Hi, Fred:  Thank you for stopping by, and for your sentiment.  This is always a touchy subject- and folks never want to come off as blaming a victim, which is good- but I think The Orlando Sentinel and others are being too kind and too biased when they decide to- in their words- "not identify victims of alleged sex crimes".

Their intent may very well be a noble one from it's roots- but when you're sitting where you're at in cases such as these, the only "victim" is Agostinho Rodrigues.

Aug 28, 2011 06:20 PM #2
Pam Hills
Innovative Artistry - Kendall, FL
ASP/IAHSP- Stager Miami, FL, Creative Minds Innovatively At Work

Dear Dennis - Thank you for sharing this.  I hadn't heard about it, just caught up with everything else & haven't been into the other news later.  You are so right, if anyone had or did put a hand or anything else to my child, someone would have to be calling the police on me & there would be no waiting til the end of school year!  I may change her school before I got to him, but they would be almost simultaneously.  I would be right out that door like your Mom!  I also agree with Fred about the system.  Thank you for sharing this incredible story!  Why would someone do such a thing to someone??

Aug 30, 2011 01:46 AM #3
Dennis Burgess
AmeriTeam Property Management - Mid Florida, FL
Orlando Property Manager and Realtor

Hi, Pam:  Thank you for stopping by, and for taking the time to leave such a great message.  It's becoming more and more often that we understand the world and others in it less and less.

As many may have gathered from my post, there was something that I hadn't directly detailed:  Yes, there was a time when I was also wrongly accused of something.  Not rape, sodomy or the like, mind you.  No, for me, it was a female I served with in the Navy that falsely accused me of sexual harassment.  Her claim?  I "touched her hair in a suggestive way".  It was July of 1993- but I remember things as if they were yesterday.  I know this coach will do the same.

Here's my tale....I had finished 1992 on a roll- I was the Naval Space Technology Program's Junior Sailor of the Year.  It continued into 1993, as I was then the 1st quarter's Sailor of the Quarter.  I had broke my ankle badly playing Navy softball and had it screwed back together- and was given 3 weeks to convalesce.  The female chose that time to make her claim- and I was back at work on crutches and all for about 10 minutes before I was called into my Warrant Officer's office to discuss it.  With apologies to some, the "good 'ol boys" scenaro did exist back then- and he just asked me what I did to her so that we could squash it.

I told him I appreciated his effort, but that I hadn't done anything wrong.  There wasn't anything I did wrong- and I held to that as my Captain asked me if I'd be willing to take some sort of non-judicial punishment- effectively a plea bargain- but I wasn't about to bargain for anything when I'd done nothing improper.  I told them to court-martial me.  

An investigation was launched, and everyone in our small command was interviewed in what was never more than a "he said/she said" from the beginning:  she said I'd touched her hair, I said she was crazy.  After a month, the result?  There were no grounds for it at all and all of her claims were without merit.  Well, that was cool and all, but that was only a part of the scenario.  I already knew that part of it- so what about the fact that she lied?  Was the Navy going to charge her for it?  Nope.  The thinking was that I would've had to have proven that she knew her claim was false and made it intentionally- versus her having a meritless claim that the thought had merit.

Nothing but ridiculous- waste of investigators' time, far too much stress on me.  And the worst- absolute worst part of it all?  A lot of my friends spent a great number of years in the Navy after that- with some still in today.  How many legitimate harassment claims could've fallen or been tossed aside because they saw me getting railroaded?  Having seen how bad things could be someone makes a false claim, the true claims of someone's daughter may have fallen upon deaf ears.  I pray my friends were better than that and believe it to be true- but as for the rest of the Navy- and the world in general- we may never be able to tell

Aug 31, 2011 06:22 PM #4
Jeremy Wrenn
Winslow Homes - Youngsville, NC
C.O.O., Winslow Homes

Dennis, false accusers are not good for anything for our society.  It wastes time and money of the innocent as well as the taxpayers.  And I certainly would think that delaying reporting accusations for 6 months or so would indicate no sense of urgency.

Don't know anything personally about this case, but it doesn't sound too legit from your description.

Sep 02, 2011 07:29 AM #5
Dennis Burgess
AmeriTeam Property Management - Mid Florida, FL
Orlando Property Manager and Realtor

Hi, Jeremy:  Thank you for stopping by, and for your comment.  True, very true.  I'm still waiting on someone to launch an investigation into the un-named, false-accuser girl's un-named false accuser mother.  If- or I may as well say "since" as their own testimony in court admits this- the mother believed her daughter had been molested, she should've reported it.  

She has an obligation to protect her child at all costs- a duty above and beyond any other one may find.  This lady failed in this case- not failing you or I, mind you- but failing the daughter she claims to love.

Shame, shame, shame.

Sep 02, 2011 07:14 PM #6

False accuser Alison Bondy is now is senior at Winter Park High School.  She just Fled Edgewater with her lies, trying to destroy a great coach's life, family and career.

Nov 27, 2011 01:17 PM #7
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