Get the frump out of my listing!

Home Stager with Project Guru

Big day tomorrow: doing a presentation to my networking group- yes there is technology involved and there lies the rub: I had to cancel the last time because the flashdrive I brought didn't "read" on the PC we were using. So it goes without saying that I'm bringing my own back-up computer just in case the ipad doesn't work...This business is so visual: can't do this job unless you can "see" possibilities from that first walk-through, and you'll have a very hard sell unless you can show potential buyers all the gems this particular property offers (most of them can only see what is plainly evident). And in a market like today the competition is fierce, so sellers need to make a great first impression. Here's a prime example of the most striking transformation we've undertaken to date- on a minimal budget. Where most would have passed before. I think we've shown the glimmer of possibilities. You be the judge. If you agree, call Project Guru (925)286-0086, for any staging or design needs in the East Bay.

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