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It is funny that my topic today follows a week of no post and no new sales goals obtained. It seems like the only thing I did last week was put on the 5 lbs that I lost the previous week. That will stop today.

A recent speech by the Honorable Cory A. Booker (The Mayor of Newark , New Jersey) challenged all that heard it to consider the debt owed to others by each of us.

"I was born from a a conspiracy of Love. I drink from wells of Freedom, that I did not dig. Will I be drunk or will I stand up in the strength that was given to me"

He faced overwhelming need in his adopted community and despaired that there was no way to meet all the need. He recieved council from a wise old lady to "do something" and he did. His action was documented in the movie "Street Fight" and in the documentary " Brick City" , but his lessons to me are summed up in the following;

A. Notice those around me , see their needs not just my own goals . Be Compassanite  

B. Seek Advice from those who are currently engaged in my area of interest. Be Humble

C.  What I see around me is a reflection of what is in me. Be Hopeful

What he did is irrevelant in that it was his to do and not yours or mine.

That he did something is what matters!

What will you and I do in return for all that we have been given ?

Remember that injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere!  



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Being compassionate, humble and hopeful are all great attributes to focus on.  Have a great week.

Aug 29, 2011 03:10 AM