Just reading and answering some e-mail in public...

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Just reading and answering some e-mail in public...

I go off-line for two days and come back to 2,055 unread e-mails in one account. I have not opened the other seven yet (sigh). Looks like I am going to spend the afternoon just reading and answering some e-mail in public... Book Club will be off the hook later tonight because we are all buzzing about Sherry Soule, Stacia Kane and Jeaniene Frost (and still digging up social media research on editor Diana Gill - happy sigh).

Glad the weather cleared up. I think I missed my Twitter and Facebook instant chats the most while off-line during Hurricane Irene. Social media is a major part of my day and I have stellar on-line conversations with my friends. We're always cracking each other up over something silly and right now my music and book addiction has them tickled pink because the author tribute album is definitely growing into a series. There are just too many fabulous writers out there to keep the gang inspired to do marathon music studio sessions with me so Book Club Blues Vol. 01 will be followed by Vol. 2 and folded into the Winter Run project. I am amusing myself with the Hell Kitty track right now (evil grin).

We are also working on a separate Dating Amy tribute because that book is flipping hilarious and author Amy DeZellar is a lot of fun to play with on-line (silly giggle). You can follow Amy on Facebook and Twitter if you want to keep up with what is cooking. Amy is working on a new book and we are all just waiting on the virtual sidelines to get our hands on that puppy once it is published. It is going to be written in a different voice and genre from her first novel so us D-fans are speculating like crazy regarding what direction she is going to twist our imaginations in because we know it is gonna be a gorgeous bit of mischief. How can it not? She is Amy DeZellar and we love following Amy around cyberspace. Being a D-fan is mad fun (happy, silly grin).

Noah the Net Geek wants to do an Itchy Witch album so I'm re-reading the Hollows series by Kim Harrison to find interesting scenes to illustrate with music. Yeah... I know I keep re-reading them but they are that good. I also keep reading Dr. Suess, E. A. Poe, the Holy Bible and Shakespeare because I really like them (LOL). Every time I notice something new they just keep getting better and better

Most of my e-mail is stemming from Facebook right now. There's confusion about the new sharing tools and I've been telling everyone to go to the Facebook Dig Into The Details blog post. Seems kind of silly for me to write a blog on the FB issues when you can just read what they have already written.

I guess all the virtual screaming I'm doing in Twitter and Facebook about my Skype update from hell caught a few peeps attention (LOL). My Droid has lost it's mind and now everything I say in Skype chat is publishing in Facebook chat. How to stop that is today's update from hell mission (sigh). This is what I get for doing all those updates (sigh).

Skyped with Melodious and the Hubby today. Still working on that TX business trip schedule... I want to drive but everyone else wants me to fly. I hate being stuck in airports. I'd rather pull over and go explore a detour than have to sit for hours because a flight got canceled or bad weather makes us wait...

Time to make the author rounds. Will be back to let you guys know exatly what the bookies have been reading. ;-)



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Laura Cerrano
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island - Locust Valley, NY
Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher

Smart. I should do that too :)

Aug 29, 2011 01:04 PM
Lynn Rush

That's a lot a freaking EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

Aug 29, 2011 02:27 PM
C Tann-Starr
Tann Starr & Associates, Inc. - Palm Bay, FL

Laura, yeah - it can be fun. My next post is going to be ridiculous because I still have a lot of e-mail to answer (LOL).

Lynn, I have some of the nicest/strangest people following me around cyberspace so I get the "fangirl" gig when I do it myself (and I love following my social media peeps around - LOL). I'm a bookmarked-RSS-feed Queen. It's the first thing out of my mouth when I teach my quirky "How to monetize your blog" series. I get everyone bookmarking me that I can. As soon as they open their browsers they have the option to see what I've been up to across multiple websites so the more they read the more they write and the more I answer. It's a vicious communication cycle I somewhat enjoy because it helps keep me writing blogs on a weekly basis (LOL).


Aug 30, 2011 01:38 AM