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Some of you love it, Some of you hate it.  Most of you don't know how to use it. Still think twitter is all about what you had for lunch and celebrity gossip?  Join Maya Paveza at ARU and learn why you need to care.


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We've had Chad Hyams from IMSD joining us each Tuesday for a conversation with some folks who are much smarter than I am as it relates to real estate marketing. Tomorrow (Tuesday August 30th) will be no exception as Maya Paveza will join us at ActiveRain University to talk about Twitter and how she's using it in her real estate business.

Don't know who Maya is? Then you are probably not very active on Twitter. Maya has over 26,000 followers on Twitter and has sent almost 92,000 tweets into cyberspace. Has this investment paid off in her business? I'll let her tell you herself.

Just being active on Twitter is not necessarily going to help your real estate business, you need to understand how to use Twitter. Maya is going to give us some insight on how a real estate agent can use Twitter to connect with people in your local market and well as make amazing connections across the continent. She's doing both of these things very successfully and true to form of many of the pioneers in these new marketing arenas, she is willing to share.

What should you tweet about? Is there software you can use to automate some components of your Twitter activity? What is a #hashtag and who the heck cares?

Twitter is not getting smaller or going away any time soon. In fact, it's impact is becoming more and more pronounced the longer it's in our midst. Why? Because today you have people buying and selling homes that use Twitter as one of their primary sources of communication. Four years ago, this wasn't the case. With each passing month and year, more and more potential homeowners are using Twitter. In five years, we'll have first time home buyers that can't remember a time when they didn't use Twitter.......and you want to make sure you're not left on the sidelines wondering what happened.

Join us at 9am Pacific Time on Tuesday August 30th and we'll make sure Maya has you walking away believing that Twitter is something of which you want to take full advantage!

And then next week on Tuesday September 6th at 9am Pacific Time, Chad will be hosting Sheri Moritz and Albie Vas to talk about Craigslist. You are marketing your properties on Craigslist, right?

I think the stat that most drives home why you should be using Craigslist is: 20 BILLION page views per month. People are actually looking for homes on Craigslist and I know quite a few agents who are successfully weeding through the challenges of Craigslist to generate leads for their business.

How do you consistently post to Craigslist for maximum exposure? What kind of things should you be including (and possibly more important, excluding) from your Craigslist ads to get the best response? Is there any way to keep the spammers at bay? Sheri and Albie have a bunch of experience with posting listings (and maybe other things) to Craigslist to generate leads. They are going to be so kind as to share some of those strategies with us. Get signed up in advance for the Craigslist class and see if you can't just start generating free leads for your business over night.


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