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Fantasy Football League Available

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Fantasy Football League Available

Well it's that time again for all us football fans to put on our appropriate attire and root our favorite teams on to victory and then on to the playoffs and then the SuperBowl!  Yeah baby!

Well, I have been doing this now for well over 10 years and I always find myself learning something new every year.  Last year, I created my own fantasy football league and ventured out to having a LIVE DRAFT, something I had never done nor wanted to do in the past.  Now, I wouldn't do anything but a LIVE DRAFT.  They're a blast! You can taunt and give others on your league grief the whole time the draft is going on.  You are actively involved with who you pick as your players for your team.  


Fantasy Football League Available

And then the competition begins.Homes For Sale Cary Crystal Lake McHenry County Illinois

If you haven't tried it, I've got to strongly urge you to give it a shot.  It is so much fun and such a stress killer. This is a GREAT OUTLET for those of us in real estate, financing or any other phase of the real estate industry.

Fantasy Football League Available

And what I have found out throughout the years is that by playing fantasy football in any shape or matter will cause you to learn more about the game itself, whether you like it or not.  Believe me, take it from me, you really do learn more and more and more .... and you have fun the whole time you're doing it.

It is also addicting.  You get to the point where you find yourself working your team more and more.  When you have an injury, you work diligently to find someone qualified enough to take your guy's place, hoping you won't live to regret it.  

Oh and the joy when you accomplish having a good season.  When you find yourself up there with the others that have made it to the final SuperBowl.  What a feat that is!

Fantasy Football League Available

Well, my league is just about filled.  But I do have one more opening for any of you wanting to give this a shot.

Write me back and let me know if you're interested and I'll be glad to give you the needed info to sign up.

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My team of choice?  It's the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  And before you say anything, I have followed them sincetheir inception back in 1977.  I especially loved them under the rule of John Gruden.  Not sure what they're going to do this year, but only time will tell.

What team do you find yourself rooting for????  Tell me in your response.