Team Work!

Real Estate Agent with Prudential Shimmering Sands Realty

Well I can say that looking back at growing up with me and my three sisters and some of the things we did as kids together, the games we played and who played what role was not only so much fun but also worked for all of our benefits when we were trying to accomplish the same thing. 

 Realestate and what we do is so much like that, that if we all would remember that, I think that what agents see right now as a lull or feeling so sorry that there is no business or that it is just so hard, they might try to find something new or different to do.  Ask an aggent that is producing, what they are doing.  Sharing is a a good thing, and most agents love to share their knowlege.  In the scheme of things and this business as it is right now we all need to help each other sell, share thoguhts, ideas, and in a sense, work as a team.  In long run there really is enough business for all of us!!!!!!!!!!!

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