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Are you using Video Marketing for your marketing efforts? Veeep Media is a creative firm specializing in online video marketing in Nashville, TN. We take great pride in our attention to detail and our towering passion for design. We have all the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high quality, easily reached and functional online video marking solutions tailored to your needs.

Video Marketing Video Brochures

"Viewer response rates are 4-7 times higher with video vs. static ads" ~ DoubleClick

"Email click thru rates are 2-3X higher with video vs. static content" ~ Forrester

"Viewers spend 8X more time on video (1.5 min) than on static emails (10 sec)" ~ Marketing Sherpa


Veeep Video Brochures deliver an actionable, interactive message containing audiovisual content and other elements that provide a clear “call to action” that can easily be distributed to target viewers using internet communications methods. Get high quality video content at a fraction of the cost of traditional video production. Veeep Video Marketing also collects viewer activity and response data in order to measure the result of the marketing or sales effort.

Veeep Video Brochures give you the power of video marketing. Connect with customers and prospects far beyond the capabilities of traditional marketing.

Take your marketing to the next level in Nashville, TN with Video Marketing! Veeep It!

Video Marketing Video Brochures


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