As the owner of Greenville NC real estate, mowing the lawn is most likely a part of your weekly routine during grass-growing months. If you’re like most folks, you view this task as a chore, one necessary to preserve the curb appeal of your yard, keep the neighbors happy, or comply with HOA requirements--and all these are indeed valid reasons to cut the grass. But did you know that mowing your lawn can also improve its health?

So, want a greener, healthier lawn that is easier to mow in a more environmentally friendly way?  Listed below is simple-to-follow advice for the owner of Greenville NC real estate as suggested by landscaping experts. All you really need is a good lawnmower, some patience, and a basic understanding of how to mow a lawn.

From those who know:

1. The mower:

  • Make sure the blades are sharp. Dull blades damage the grass, encourage disease, and result in a ragged look.
  • Adjust the wheel height higher. One major cause of a poor lawn is cutting too short, a mistake that damages the grass, encourages weeds, and requires more frequent mowing. When you finish mowing, you should see only green. Brown is an indication that you’re cutting the grass too short. The general rule of thumb for types of grass: Bermuda: 2-3 inches, Fescue 3 inches +, Zoysia: 2.5 inches +.

Here is a cutting guide for other kinds of grass and other useful information

2. The mowing:

  • Clear your yard of all objects and debris--for your safety and for the life of the mower’s blades.
  • Mow only when the grass is dry. Cutting damp grass leaves it vulnerable to fungal diseases.
  • Cut your lawn early in the morning or in the evening to reduce stress on the grass *Mow the lawn in a pattern. Proceed back and forth, not in a spiral. Move at a brisk pace to prevent grass from clogging the mower blades.
  • Mow in a straight line by choosing an object in the distance and heading straight to it. Don’t look down; look straight ahead.
  • With every pass, overlap the area you’ve already mowed by half the width of the mower. This technique actually takes less time and energy since the mowing is smoother and eliminates the need to go back later to trim.
  • Make your turns off the lawn of your Greenville NC real estate. Turning can damage the grass.
  • Change your mowing pattern every third or fourth week to prevent stress to grass.
  • Mow when your lawn needs it, generally once a week, but varying weather conditions will dictate the frequency. Letting your grass grow too high will make mowing it more difficult and does not promote a healthy yard.

3. After the mowing:

  • Opinions differ regarding raking up grass clippings. Some experts say to take up all cut grass; others advise that you leave your clippings on the lawn because they are full of nutrients and can actually reduce your need for fertilizers. Grass clippings readily breakdown and will only cause an issue if the quantity is excessive.
  • Clean the mower blades with water and oil moving parts to prevent rust.

4. And finally:

  • Sit back and admire your professional-looking, healthy lawn.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back!

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