An Act Of Kindness Goes A Long Way

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My AR friend Amy has a very nice posting today that I wanted to share with you as well. What are some of your favorite ways to spread kindness?

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An act of kindness goes a long way


I want to put a challenge out there to everyone to do something nice for someone today. There are many things we can do for others that will make their day feel special.  I will give some simple examples of possible ideas that you can use to uplift someone’s day.


·         Tell someone they look nice today

      ·         Buy someone lunch

      ·         Give someone a ride

      ·         Open the door for someone

      ·         Pay for the person behind you in the Starbucks line

      ·         Smile at someone

      ·         Help someone with a heavy bag

      ·         Welcome someone that just moved into your neighborhood

      ·         Call an old friend you have been meaning to call

      ·         Mow the neighbor’s lawn

      ·         Give someone a flower

       ·         Try to give one compliment to every person you talk to today

The list can go on and on but I think if we can just become more aware every day how the little things can make a difference we will make it a daily goal to make it happen every day.  If there is something you love to do for others share it with us in the comments.  Wishing everyone a fun and uplifting day!


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Amy Robinson
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Hi Krista,  As always thanks for visiting : )  Love and light sent your way

Aug 31, 2011 09:34 AM