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Visual thinking has been energetically sweeping up converts in the halls of businesses from savvy startups to Fortune 100 giants. Dan Roam’s new book “Back of the Napkin” was the leading edge of this thinking revolution when it was released. Many people profess to lack artistic skills and so shy away from this topic. But artistic skill is not what visual thinking is about. Want to learn more? ___________ Thanks to Elizabeth Marshall’s AuthorTeleseminars.com you can hear Dan Roam discuss his book with thought leaders Seth Godin, Anil Dash and Rich Sloan. ___________ http://www.intellimodus.com/uncategorized/back-of-the-napkin/ ___________ Don’t miss this recording. It will make you more valuable, and more intriguing, to both your clients and your colleagues in a heartbeat.
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OK sounds like a coded message but it may be a good book to pick up.

Oct 15, 2011 02:35 PM