Intellectual Wisdom

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As CEO of a company I am continually amazed how intellectual wisdom is overlooked.

Somehow, the American Consumer is the American Assumer, assuming if "I do what everyone else does nothing can technically go wrong. America and the US is built on greatness and I will be protected as the consumer."

As I grow my company and evaluate who my company can help, I have found the consumer's level of comfort with mediocracy and assuming a large company is there to protect them and will take care of them.

Recently, many large companies built on greatness have floundered and proven this to be out right wrong yet consumers contiually support these companies. Health insurance denials, homeowner's insurance denials, banks foreclosing mortgages, pension funds out of money, bridges falling down, lack of flood protection, lack of firefighting protection. Where is the Greatness?

I am a consumer advocate by nature and as CEO of a company, my goal is to be GREAT. We seek to be our clients advocate.

Yes, that is a responsibility isn't it? We want to expand the intellectual wisdom our clients. We want to give the client the confidence to accept nothing but GREATNESS from anyone they do business with.

I want my company to be great and to stay great and aspire to a very high standard because that is what the consumer deserves.  Let's not overlook intellectual wisdom, I feel this is the key to greatness.

To ensure greatness I have put in place safegaurds, business processes and hire the right people who I know I can trust to be the clients advocate.  I have hired people like me who care and are willing to take the time to listen to the consumer, understand their situation, their motivations, their needs, and then sift through thousands of loan programs we have available as a broker to find the one that meets their needs.

Is it really that simple to do the right thing?


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Randy Switts
I like what you had to say, thanks.
Feb 20, 2008 03:22 AM