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Makeup Artist for Weddings

Bonnie Gantt

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    Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist for weddings is a very important day and will be the wisest decision you will make during your planning phase. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life not to be dealt with lightly, so be sure to hire the Best makeup artist for weddings. Interview Makeup artists for weddings six months ahead of time view her web site to see if you like her work. Watch her work ethic: Is she prompt ;does your makeup artist for weddings listen to your wants and needs; do your personalities mesh harmoniously. Listen to your inner self; trust your instincts and secure that makeup artist for weddings services. If this makeup artist for weddings is talented she will be in demand and in most cases be booked out a month. It is customary to book your makeup artist for weddings ahead with a service deposit  of one -half down and the rest of the service deposit to be paid at the test appointment or wedding day. So start early and good luck! When you find your make up artist for weddings, schedule your test Hair & Makeup day at least 15 days ahead of your wedding day. Take a picture ok your dress to this appointment and your veil so your Makeup artist for weddings can design your hair style and makeup accordingly. This will be the time to speak up about any thing you don't like or perhaps a different hair style you would like to try. It is wise to make this test day coincide with your photographers engagement appointment. Saving time and knocking out two birds with one stone will ease your stress and make you feel you are on track and in control .If you plan "intentionally" your big day will be as perfect as your designer hair and makeup. In 20 years you will look back and still love the way you looked then because you hired the best makeup artist for weddings. When your wedding day finally arrives Relax and let your  Professional Makeup Artist for weddings take your beauty to its highest level while you relax with confidence knowing you can face your guests and be camera ready and stress free. Enjoy and Blessings!  
MakeUp Artist for Weddings    
 The world of a Makeup artist for weddings is one of cerebral sketching that takes place when we encounter your face in front of us. The left brain and right brain then work in tandem to consruct , then color coordinate and sculpt facial features geared for the project or individual. Practicality and Fantasy are strangers and collide when designing what we see sketched in our minds.  Makeup Artists for weddings live in a world of fantasy, color design and balance for your face for all events. Makeup artists for weddings are Au Natural; the desire is to bring out your best features, while still maintaining your integral self but being your most glamouress on your wedding day.

MakeUp Artist for Weddings

Looking back in 20 years you will still love the way you looked then and cherish your memories through your photographes. Blessings!  High school fantasy Chinese Animation where my Makeup brushes dance across a face with amazing color design and harmony that just occur to create a Fantasy Princess, a Goth Queen, to  a 1950s'  Glamour Icon with elaborate costumes and wigs to complete the transformation, all to please a teen for a three day event. What a fiesta! Fashion makeup, makeup artist for weddings, or a shoot that involves models, photographers, stylists and makeup artists all of one mind creating the perfect editorial print, edgy maybe contravercial but always innovative forward thinking and creative. Art!  Glamour /Boudoir, makeup artist for weddings, that transports  a regular woman back to the high style and glamour of a by gone era when woman dazzled and competed for the covetted compliments of being the most beautiful woman alive  and reveling in that knoweldge.Think Marilyn and Sofia! All woman want to step into the magic even if it is only for an afternoon with a girlfriend in a  boudoir/glamour photographers' studio and makeup artists for weddings. Celebrate yourself with your makeup artist for weddings!   I am always and forever committed to the Art of Makeup Artists for Weddings and Hair design where I am a stickler for attention to detail and Artistic Expression. Bonnie Gantt Makeup artist Discover yourself/all media/weddings all occasions. I will be your makeup artist for weddings.   206-241-3990

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