Bonneville Dam Fish Hatchery... From Pre-historic to Modern Technology

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Bonneville Dam Fish Hatchery... From Pre-historic to Modern Technology


Okay, right up front I want to admit that the hatchery was NOT something I had any interest in whatsoever. But my parents were visiting from out of state and my dad, the trip driver, wanted to stop so we did. I'm so glad we did. It's definitely worth a look.

The hatchery raises 8 million Fall Chinook, 1.2 million Coho, 200 thousand Summer Steelhead, and 60 thousand Winter Steelhead. Opened in 1909, the Bonneville Hatchery remains the largest fish hatchery in Oregon. Adult salmon begin arriving at the hatchery in September and are then sorted through before spawning begins. Spawning begins during the last week in October and continues until the beginning of December. As part of their natural life cycle all Pacific Northwest Salmon die after spawning.
But it was Herman that amazed me the most. Herman is the name of the Hatchery's most famous sturgeon. Herman is over 11 feet long, weighs over 500 pounds and is an amazing 70 years old. The sturgeon, as a breed dates back to prehistoric times and have been on earth for 175 million years. Changing little since then, the sturgeon is literally a monster fish that can grow to be up to 20 feet in length and 1,000 pounds, it's ugly and intimidating, yet fascinating.
The hatchery is just 20 miles west of Hood River. From I-84, take exit 40.
Bonneville Fish Hatchery


Bonneville Fish Hatchery 

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