Agents, be careful "witch" one you should use!

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I was listening today to a few videos on know, training and personal growth type stuff.  There really are some great things out there to see and listen to!

So I came across this video on "E-MAIL IS SALES-MAIL, if you do it WRITE" and while there was some great info there, I was fixated on one small portion where he mentions using the RIGHT word--you know YOUR VS YOU'RE type stuff.  And he's DO get judged on that image and yet, I see it everyday. 

Super-blogger Kathleen Cooper  just posted a photo of a car the other day with the message "Don't you wish you were one two" and everyone made jokes about how the SENIORS were not ready to get out of English class just yet.  

Lots of people will argue about it, but it really is important.  

Too, To and Two
Which and Witch
Your and You're

Just to name a few that jump to mind...

check out the video and see what other messages Jeffrey Gitomer has for you:

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Jayne Esposito
Coldwell Banker - Morgan Hill, CA

I agree.  I know that I am hesitant to do business with someone who spells out the wrong word.  Imagine if we used the wrong word in a contract....??

Sep 01, 2011 03:28 PM