Pushing limits.....Do you?

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Hello out there,

So when was the last time you pushed your limits?  What did you do and how did you feel afterword?  When is the next time you are going to do it again?

Yesterday I stepped onto the warm sand with the cool breeze blowing with the sound of small thunder in the background. As I stepped into the clear blue water and viewed the break-zone it was empty.  Yet it was stacked with small buildings coming through in the shape of triangles.  As I paused to watch one wave break top to bottom ( 3 times overhead easily!) with a gaping barrel issuing a blow-out of white salt water spray. I knew the paddle out with no channel was going to be fun, not to mention the swell was channeled through a 3000 ft deep canyon increasing the velocity of the wave.  Here goes the paddle of will, lung strength, and determination! 

Enjoyed every moment of this!

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