$300,000 house for $130,000?

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So, showing homes to a client in their price range and nothing "good" enough for the husband. But he wants the house to be move-in ready, all up-dates done, no painting, doesn't want to have to do anything. Plus he wants to be in good neighborhood within 20 minutes to his work.  Better put, a $300,000+ house within their 130,000 budget.  Did I mention this is my daughter and her husband? My husband built our last two homes and she can see the potiential of the homes that they can afford but all he can see is not good enough.  I am about to scream! They are in need of a 3 bedroom and 2 bath.  Heaven help me and say extra prayers for me till we find a house. There is so many homes to choose from and some of them just need little work. Not bulldozed down and start over. Little paint goes along way. I guess family as clients can be a blessing and a curse.


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Doug Rogers
Bayou Properties - Alexandria, LA
Your Alexandria Louisiana Agent

Refer them to another agent in your office!

Sep 02, 2011 04:28 AM
Annette Sievert
CB Valley Broker - Corvallis, OR
Corvallis, Oregon

My Dad used to say they want a bungalow on 5th Avenue with ocean views and a park for the price of a townhouse. Time for a reality check, maybe the husbands yours and he, need to sit down with a beer... What a drag...

Maybe it helps to ask the guy if he, were he in a seller's position, would sell that kind of property in that location for that price...

Sep 02, 2011 04:40 AM
Pamela Lauridsen-Bache
Century 21 Beachside, Mission Viejo Ca - Laguna Niguel, CA

I had a client like that,they ended up not buying anything. The wife finally realized that she could not get all she wanted in their price range. I still look in case that deal ever comes up, but not so far.

Pamela Lauridsen Bache

Sep 02, 2011 06:32 AM
Lisa Cogdill
Staged Out - Waynesville, NC
Realtor and Home Stager, Waynesville NC

Well I took them to three houses yesterday and we are getting closer to what he is wanting. He is wanting an older home (farmhouse type) but I do not think he realizes how much work can be done to update the homes.  As my daughter put it..."looks like a money pit" but we are getting closer.

Sep 07, 2011 04:39 AM