Can a basement with laminate floor recover from inch of water?

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Especially interested in replies from inspectors, adjusters, remodelers: Irene stopped by our house while we were afar.  She stayed up long after the battery back up tuckered out and left an inch in the basement playroom.

It actually looked like someone had only spilled a glass of water on the floor--until you walked in the room, where it felt like walking across the diving raft at summer camp, giving new meaning to the moniker "floating floor"

so we have squished it out as best we can, and we are running a dehumidifier 24/7 down there.  So far no wrong smells.

Is there any chance the whole system could dry out without mold forming, or should we just peremptorily tear it out?  Couple grand at stake. . .

Thanks for your opinions and you have my word, I know there is an element of guessing involved and I promise never to quote back if it goes the other way.

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