Stylistics in Beaverton MI 48612

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This is the view from my favorite park bench. It sits in front of the building where Sylistics and Green Ways are located on M30.

I enjoy visiting my daughter at work. She and the business owners next door are cheerful and friendly and can even brighten an already wonderful day!

We talk and laugh and look at the clouds and shoot the breeze! so to speak.

Stylistics in Beaverton MI

Ordered this sign from Jim Todd Signs - Picked it up Monday night and put it up.

Went back out after dark with my two daughters .......

Stylistics in Beaverton MI

Paid extra for the reflective lettering. That's why we just had to go see it after dark!! So, I pull in and park with my headlights shining on the sign and my daughter gets out to take pictures. As she is trying to take pictures her phone keeps ringing and I had turned my car off so then the lights go off.  We always have so much fun together! Her pictures probably turned out better than mine, but this is the one I took with my phone (Blackberry).

Stylistics in Beaverton MI

Hoping to move her sign up and hoping the owner of Green Ways will order a nice sign with Green reflective lettering - wouldn't that look nice !

I think she does a really great job - but then again, I am her mother!!!

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