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Disaster Preparations for Carnation

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 In light of all the fires currently raging in California, most of us are wondering; what would I do?  I have been struck by the amount of people that were not ready to grab their most precious belongs and leave immediately.  However, I myself, during the summer months last year, was surrounded by smoke and hadn't prepared myself or my family for the very real threat of fire.  In the Snoqualmie Valley we are not only subject to fire, but flooding as well.  The Red Cross has many tips and pages of lists to prepare oneself for a possible disaster.  Here is their list for important papers:


Records to put in a bank safe deposit box include:

  • Birth, death, and marriage certificates
  • Divorce and child custody papers
  • Adoption papers
  • Passports
  • Military records
  • Social Security cards
  • Copies of drivers' licenses
  • Mortgage/property deeds
  • Stock and bond certificates
  • Car titles
  • List of insurance policies (life, health, disability, longterm care, auto, homeowners, renters), including the type, company, policy number, and name of insured
  • Copies of power of attorney, living will, and other medical power
  • Trust documents

Note: Generally, the original of your will should not be kept in a safe deposit box because the bank may seal the box temporarily at your death. Keep the original of your will at your lawyer's office and copies of it at home and in your safe deposit box.