Buy a Ranch Home & You Could Be Tax-Free for 8 Years!

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Buy a Ranch Home & You Could Be Tax-Free for 8 Years!


Ranch-style homes or “ranchers” are one of the most common styles of Ranch Homehomes in America. In the post-war era of the mid-20th Century, it is estimated that ranch-style homes accounted for nine out of every ten new construction homes. When the “baby boomers” were being born and all the new families needed a home, the rancher was the answer. It’s simple design was considered modern and functional and allowed ranches to be built quickly to supply the resulting housing boom.  Their popularity continued until the 1970’s when builders started to cut corners and use cheaper materials giving the ranch-style home a bad reputation.


In recent years, however, ranch-style homes, especially those from the Ranch Inside1950’s, have experienced a resurgence in popularity. This is generally attributed to their solid construction that has withstood the test of time and the fact that young, first-time homebuyers  who did not grow up in ranches are finding them affordable. In large cities, like Atlanta, that experienced suburban sprawl during the second half of the 20th century, ranches were thRanch Entrye design of choice in the earliest suburban neighborhoods, now located closer to the center of town. These ranch neighborhoods offer an affordable option for young professionals to purchase a home close to town. 


Architectural Features

The following features are considered key elements of the original ranch house style, although not all ranch houses contain all of them.

  • Single storey
  • Long, low roofline
  • Assymetrical rectangular, L-shaped, or U-shaped design
  • Simple floor plans 
  • Attached garage or carportLiving Room
  • Sliding glass doors opening onto a patio
  • Large windows, often decorated with shutters
  • Vaulted ceilings with exposed beams
  • Exteriors of stucco, brick and wood
  • Large overhanging eaves
  • Cross-gabled, side-gabled or hib roof
  • Simple and/or rustic interior and exterior trim


This video of a local news report discusses how your ranch home could qualify to be registered with the National Register of Historic Places.


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