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I work FSBO's in my market and if i don't catch them at home, I leave them a letter explaining what I do etc. If I can, I leave my letter stuck in a coffee mug filled with candy and two pens. Note to self: check on prices for new pens and mugs!

I got a call from an elderly couple last week. They had received my letter and the wife asked me to come over for a talk. I do not like being a salesperson but I like being a consultant. That's my mindset when I approach sellers. I will not talk them into something. I will listen and figure out what they want and if I believe I can get them what they want, I tell them.

I didn't show up with a filled out listing agreement, I didn't even have my beloved black leather binder with me (I can's sleep if I don't have this thing within arm's reach). I spent 3 hours listening to them. We quickly found out that the husband had been stationed with the US military in my hometown in Germany. I listened as they described the German foods they liked best, I listened to several Vietnam stories and how the wife once kicked a customer ouf of a restaurant when she worked as a waitress. No sales talk. No real estate talk.

I noticed the wife watched me closely. I didn't look at my watch once. I had made sure that I didnt' have any other appointments afterwards, I had all the time in the world. After a good three hours, she finally said "Well, we would like for you to list our property." When I told her I didn't have a listing agreement with me, she made an appointment with me for the next day.

When i arrived, there were two old magazines spread out on the table in the spot where I had sat the day before. The articles were about my hometown in Germany. We had not talked about the listing price or my professional fee or any other terms but I knew I wouldn't have to lower my fee and I also knew they would list at a reasonable price. Why did they do that? Because I had earned their trust. They know I have their very best interest in mind. I didn't have to tell them that, they knew because they never heard a sales pitch from me, I never told them how great I was and how many awards I received.

I can't list homes any other way. My husband would pass out over me saying this but earning their trust and giving them all I got means more to me than a commission check.

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Lania DeMers
Rocky Mountain Realty Co. - Colorado Springs, CO
Broker, Rocky Mountain Realty Co.

Hi Andrea:

You are correct! It's all about the relationship. People can find a listing agent anywhere, but they can't find you anywhere...I think those listing presentations are often times, (not always, though), downright offensive to some personalities. Some people, though, (the charts and graphs folks), love them. You have to go with your gut and treat each one as an individual.

Oct 24, 2007 06:40 AM