Daily Mortgage Rates as of Oct. 24, 2007

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Mortgage rates are looking great. The have gone down by almost a half point from last week to this week. The adjustable rate mortgage rates are continuing to improve as well as the have been over the past few weeks, however, I would not normally recommend one. ARMs would be a great tool if we lived in a perfect world where we spent money within our means, but unfortunately most of us don't.  Contact me at 864-918-0970.

I look forward to helping you and your clients out.

Rates for Oct. 24, 2007

15 yr fixed        5.375%

20 yr fixed        5.750%

30 yr fixed        5.750%

40 yr fixed        6.250%

3/1 ARM            5.375%

5/1 ARM            5.625%

7/1 ARM            5.750%

*  Rates are subject to customer's financial profile.

*  APR may vary

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