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Del Mar-San Diego Bomb Scare

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Among all the other exciting things that have happened in the last week in the madness that has become our world it seems our little village of Del Mar had a bomb scare yesterday!  The "nothing but exclusive" L'auberge Hotel had a phone call at about 4:00 pm on a busy Friday night that a bomb was going off at 6:00 at the hotel..  Of course what first comes to mind is "terroist" - what second comes to mind is a "guy who got mad as his girlfriend who met a new guy at the hotel bar" - a hotspot on a busy Friday night in Del Mar.  I hate to be sarcastic but I can't imagine going to the trouble to blow up the L'auberge Hotel in Del Mar if you are an honest to goodness terroist.  It's very exclusive and expensive but unless you have the president of some huge corporation or of the United States staying there the news splash just isn't going to be that big!  I realize this is serious stuff however as the authorities managed to empty out a village including restaurants and shops in a very short time.  We tend to take our safety for granted- its good to know how fast authorities acted and what they achieved!

Of course my brain immediately thought - goodness what does this news mean for Del Mar which is already over priced.  Will homes be more desirable if someone blows up our village because that will make us news worthy or will sellers run like rats away from a place that is found to be inviting to "blow Up".  Thankfully nothing happened except we had huge traffic jams, lots of police helicopters and many un happy tourist who are aying a huge price to stay at a very nice hotel who had to evacuate during their afternoon showers before hitting the ultra cool bar and beach area!  Just another day in paradise!

Not great real estate newsworthiness but it was an interesting afternoon in our sleepy village.  Have a good and bomb free Labor Day!