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Wet Basement Willington, CT

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Wet Basement Willington, CT? Basement Waterproofing Contractors in Willington, CT


Wet Basement Willington, CT? Basement Waterproofing Contractors in Willington, CT

Lack of proper drainage causes pooling water around your basement which leads to hydrostatic pressure on the walls. When left unattended this pressure can result in foundation damage, causing foundation cracks, bowed walls, and foundation settlement. If this has happened to you, it is time for a basement waterproofing specialist to eliminate your wet basement problems. Use these three tips to make sure you hire an excellent contractor at a good price.

1. Before The Basement Waterproofing Contractor Starts, Check Their Insurance and License. Do some due diligence before hiring the waterproof contractor to repair the wet basement in Willington. Ask them to provide proof of liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. One must is the Department of Consumer Protection in Connecticut to verify the contractor's license. The state has an online license look up. Look online, do they have a web site, are they listed on Yelp, what are the reviews on Goggle Places? Give the contractor the minimum down payment they will accept.

2. Check To Make Sure It Was Fixed. The contractor may say he has the experience to do this project properly, or will warranty the work, but make sure it is truly fixed. Water tests are affective but they may waste a lot of water and time to find the exact source of a water leak; instead, check your basement after a rain storm to be sure you have a dry basement. Don’t forget to have a signed warranty from the basement waterproof contractor

3. Listen To Your Gut When Hiring Willington Basement Waterproofing Contractor. If the offer seems to good to be true, it often is. What are some red flag signs? A low ball quote. Are they telling you "to give you this price we have to do the work today" (unless it is an emergency repair). Asking for cash for payment, or not putting payments in writing. Trust your instinct. Is one of the contractors just rubbing you the wrong way? Online reviews can be a good way to judge your neighbors experiences with the wet basement contractor.

You can effortlessly find Willington basement waterproofing contractors through MaintenanceMan. MaintenanceMan pre-screens would-be basement waterproofing repair contractors and helps you to make sure you get a excellent price from a dependable contractor to accomplish your project.

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