Moving day in Boston

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Moving day in Boston

September 1st is moving day in Boston for thousands of students. On the afternoon of September 1st I was driving east from Newton MA into Boston on the Mass Turnpike. In Boston there is a split in the road at the toll booth. To the left is the toll booth and exit for Cambridge and Brighton. To the right the Pike continues into Boston.

Traffic was a mess. The Pike was backed up for about a mile before the toll booth, and was moving at a snail’s pace. As I passed by the line of vehicles waiting to exit at the Cambridge and Brighton exit I noticed something unusual. Most of the vehicles were moving trucks, pickup trucks filled with furniture, cars with mattresses tied to their roofs, and cars with their front and back seats filled with boxes and household items.

I just smiled when I realized that the traffic was students moving. Cambridge and Brighton are heavily populated with students. I also noticed that most of the vehicles were going through the slow cash only lane instead of the automated Fast Lane. That’s because they are from out of town and don’t have a Fast Lane transponder yet.


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