Mexico City Gourmet - Best Mexican Restaurant in Atlanta!

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There are Mexican restaurants everywhere.  Some intersections have numerous of the same restaurants.  One in particular, North Decatur and Clairmont Roads has three Mexican Restaurants.  In this entry I'm only going to talk about the one that matters most - the one I personally think is the Best - Mexico City Gourmet.

Let's start with the salsa since the salsa starts us off at most Mexican Restaurants.  The salsa is chunky and filled with flavor.  Some salsas come out looking like ketchup or pureed, not at MCG.  Occasionally the salsa will have extra heat.  But no worries, they have a mild version that quickly tames the heat by mixing the two.  Best salsa I've ever had - period.

I guess somewhere along the line when it comes to restaurants I can be a creature of habit.  I always get their chicken fajitas.  Of course they come to the table sizzling.  Before they are served, the server (they're all great servers) will light a container of grain alcohol and douse the fajitas for a head turning fire show.  The quick flame-up gives the fajitas a flavor that is unforgettable.  Best fajitas of any Mexican restaurant I've had.

My friend always gets something different, from flautas to their weekend specials.  The specials generally come with a soup which is on the different side for a Mexican restaurant.  Their tomato-basil and carrot soup is excellent.  Seems as though they came from or should be served in a "fine dining" restaurant.

What about the margarita's?  Yes, of course they have margarita's which come served in caraf's - wierd huh - what happened to the pitcher?  I don't really have much to say about the margarita's since we normally don't order them.  Besides, alcohol makes your bill skyrocket.

So in keeping this short, when in the mood for Mexican while in the area of North Decatur and Clairmont Roads look for the big neon Mexico City Gourmet sign and give it a try.

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