When it Rains it Pours

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Obviously very old, yet very brilliant cliché, especially during this very scary Georgia drought condition.  It is truly amazing the magnitude of what will be impacted by this situation.  I am fortunate to be a part time guide/instructor at a North Georgia Outfitter, whose very livelihood is dependent upon rainfall.  On Monday and Tuesday of this week the Guide staff found themselves knee deep in the River rejoicing during the two day rainfall.  It reminded me of my childhood when I ran outdoors in my swim trunks and laughed while running through curb filled puddles.  It made the trout happy too as they became very aggressive at the new found food source pouring into the river.  Conditions are good there as water temps are perfect for the metabolism of the finned creature.  The River rose approximately three inches during that period, allowing the trout to leap without hitting rock upon re-entry.  Now is the time to head north for this experience which could become fewer and farther between.  It truly is a precious recourse! 

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