Federal Homeowner Bailouts Don’t Work as Planned

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Sell Home Fast - Northumberland County PA: Contacting your own lender directly is a much better choice for those who may be struggling and want to try to modify your mortgage loan. The Federal government did have a mortgage modification program running to try to help homeowners in financial difficulty to get their loans rewritten with a modified payment amount.

Federal Homeowner Bailouts Don’t Work as PlannedThe truth behind this program is that if you have a large mortgage loan of up to about ¾ million dollars and have almost no equity, then you may qualify for the help. They will either extend your time to pay the mortgage loan back or they will reduce your interest rate, making your payments less each month. You must make enough money to satisfy their requirements so they know you can actually make the payments if they go through with the plan. Few people have been helped by this program and it takes much time and effort to wait it out and see if you qualify in the end.

Many applicants have discovered that after waiting and cooperating throughout the process, they end up being turned down right before their foreclosure period is up and they end up being evicted for default of their loan. It may be much wiser to go after a solution yourself. This is where contacting your lender directly yourself may be a good option. Today’s lenders are not happy with the number of foreclosures that are on their books. Every home they foreclose on must be maintained and auctioned off or sold for a largely discounted price. They also bear the burden of the cost of the foreclosures, which is expensive, particularly where states require the lender to go through a legal suit to foreclose on you.

If there is a good reason for you to be behind on your mortgage or to be having trouble with your finances, you could receive a modification of your loan or perhaps even qualify to sell your house in a short sale. That would be an option that is far desirable to foreclosure. A short sale is an acceptance of the lender to wipe your mortgage loan slate clean for an amount lower than your actual balance if you can sell the house to someone for that lower amount. Real estate investors are savvy to the requirements and may be able to buy your house from you and discuss the situation on your behalf with the lender.

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