Mobile is changing the web

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When we think about the internet in the 90s, we imagine websites inside a browser and web pages that took us from one corner of the web to another. Today, we think about social networks, maps, videos, and applications that make our lives easier.

The internet is in the midst of change once again. The main driver: mobile. Cellphones have browsers and are increasingly always connected. However they have two main differences with the prominent internet device of today (the PC):

  • They are not linked to one place.
  • They are constrained by size.

Size makes it difficult to conveniently enter data and mobility creates different usage patterns. The mobile internet is mostly used for data consumption and with a different attention span.

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Ruggidized personal computers are an important part of this wave.  Biological integration of computing systems is certainly on the horizon.

Sep 07, 2011 06:31 AM