What do you get when you combine ChokeCherries and Hay Bales?

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What do you get when you combine ChokeCherries and Hay Bales?

Fall time around Great Falls and Central Montana brings together two normally not related items, Chokecherries and Hay Bales.

Great Falls Montana Real Estate ChokeCherry Festival

A short road trip from Great Falls on the first Saturday after Labor Day will take you to the geographic center and ChokeCherry Capital of Montana, Lewistown Montana, and the annual ChokeCherry Festival.  Here you can find main street literally lined with arts and craft booths and food vendors offering Gifts, Baked Goods, Garden Fresh Items and my favorites, ChokeCherry Jellies and Chokecherry Syrup.  If you have a good "Spitter" you can also partake in the Pit Spitting Contest. Over 4000 people attend the festival each year from all over the United States and Canada.  Plan on spending the night at a local motel or RV park.

On the trip back to Great Falls, be sure and drive through the Montana Bale Trail and view the "What the Hay" contest on Sunday.  Starting at Hobson, you can pick up your voting ballots so you can pick your favorite display.

 Great Falls Real Estate Choke Cherry Festival  Great Falls Real Estate What the Hay

Over 30 "am-hayzingly" creative and amusing displays created with Hay Bales are along both sides of the road.  Plan on taking your time and stopping a lot along the way to take pictures.  Stop for lunch and take a break at the Mid Way Caf-Hay.  The Indian Taco's are the best.

At Utica you can enjoy Utica Day Fair, with exhibits and booths of home-made crafts, gifts and food.  Follow the trail back to Windham and turn in your ballots to help pick the winning display.

What do you get when you combine ChokeCherries and Hay Bales?  A weekend of Fun!

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