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It always makes you smile when your friends and clients say nice things about you! I wanted to share a great blog that Stephanie Anson wrote about e-signatures and working with myself. There are so many great ways to get clients back to you, and one of the easiest ways is having a great email signature. Stephanie really lays it down with a step-by-step guide to show off her talents! 

Original content by Stephanie Anson

When I decided to engage in Blogging, not an easy feat since I do not enjoy writing, I looked for some assistance with updating my signature line and creating all those great Call to Actions I see on other blog sites. There are great companies out there that will create them for you such as, however, I am constantly updating my marketing message and marketing look so I did not want to pay for it again. Plus technology is constantly changing and I have always been of the mind set "out with the old and in with the new".

My journey began with the help of Mike Barrett. He is amazing at integrating your social networks, providing innovative tools to assist with your e-marketing and an all around top notch guy who really looks out for his customers. I first want to point out that helping me like this is not his job! He is a Senior Account Executive with Market Leader who called on me when I was looking for an additional solution to generate leads. I used Market Leader before and I really benefited from the leads program they offer, it most definately increased my sales. I have to say he is the number 1 reason I came back.

After my new website got up and running Mike and I ran through some training on utilizing my site in all aspects of my social networking. He brought me back to Active Rain, set me up with the customer service reps for some one on one help, created my social networking icons and showed me some new and innovative ways on how to market my services just because he is an outside of the box thinker!

I will focus on Call to Action Buttons and Signature in this blog post.

The first step is to create the actual gif, jpg or bit file by using publishing software such as Adobe or Microsof Publisher. I created 150x150pxl buttons for my advertising in Microsoft Publisher. My first challenge was where do I go to get the pictures without having to pay for them like because I did not care for the clip art MS offers for what I wanted. Needless to say, MS Office carries additional clip art online and you can download it for free! I knew this but I had to get my creative juices flowing before it dawned on me. Once I downloaded the pics I wanted to use, I resized them, added some text boxes with my marketing verbiage and saved them off as jpg's.

My next delimma was how was I going to create them to be clickable and lead directly to my website? I know you can use the hyperlink button but I wanted to have the ability to resize them on the fly as well as drop them in my emarketing without having to spend the time to use the hyperlink button. Thanks to Mike Barrett, here is how that can be done:

After saving the jpg upload it to This website will store your call to action buttons and give you the direct links to apply to your html for picture reference.

Now that you have the icons saved you need to add in website links or code to the pics that when clicked will provide the call to actions! Go to It will come up showing a light blue box up top and the display results box at the bottom. Input your code up top, here is an example of mine:

The height and width can be edited to make the call to action larger or smaller. Here is the results of the code above:

Home Search You will then copy and paste the photo into your email signature (great if you are using Outlook) or on your blog and the links are preserved. You can also put the code directly into the html section of blog posts however I find it easier to post as a pic and to adjust the pic location once I post it. Both the magnifying glass and the house are icons I downloaded from MS Office clipart online and I used a text box at the bottom for my statement.

Go ahead and click on it and it will take you to my website. Now I do have more than one website and I use them for different purposes however the site here gets me more raving fans and leads than any other site. It has a contact management system on the backend, you can see everything the end user is doing and even if they are online looking at that moment, great for prospecting! I have worked with several SEO companies, organic, ppc etc. and this is by far the best bang for your dollar! If you are interested in a site of your own I will include his information at the bottom.

Now on to the Signature! Quite Simple:

Go to, click Start Now on the menu and use whatever wizard you would like to create the signature. It will give you the html code as well as all other options including a download to use in your marketing. My signature is below.

If you are intersted in Market Leader contact Mike Barrett, let him know I referred you.

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