5 Tips for buying Grants Pass Real Estate

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 5 Tips for buying Grants Pass Real Estate:

If you are trying to get a great deal on Grants Pass real estate, keep the following in mind, Some of the items on the list will be obvious, but others are overlooked, making them the best way to get a deal.

1. Grants Pass foreclosures rank high.

Just because of the exposure they get, Grants Pass foreclosures, are very popular, and a good way to get a great deal. These deals are not the fastest, because you will need to deal with the bank as the seller.

2. Short sales can be an option.

Shorts sales have a reputation for being slow, and rightly so. You are asking the bank or lender to sell the home for less than what is owed against it. They need to do their homework and this takes time. If you can wait and you are not in a hurry, you could score a great deal.

Positive feedback on short sales indicates they are speeding up the process a little.  Maybe the lenders will start acting faster when there is a willing buyer. 

3. Consider a regular sale.

Not all real estate in Grants Pass is a foreclosure or a short sale. 

So what do you call a sale that isn't a short sale or foreclosure? Besides "pretty rare", we will call them Grants Pass homes for sale by regular people. These are homes that have to be competitive in the market place, and since foreclosures and short sales are dropping values, regular sales have to come down too. The best part about these deals is they can be fast because the bank or lender has no say in the sale process.

4. Use a Grants Pass real estate agent.

Let's face it; MLS is a club that you want to be part of. They have access to most of the properties for sale and the most convenient way to find them. The great news is, a Realtor will, in most situations, cost you, the buyer nothing. A lot of times, they could even save you money by showing you a fair price to pay, by presenting comparable sales.

While it is possible to locate homes for you in a huge geographic range, it is important to use a local agent to where you want to buy.  They will have inside information about the area that will help match your needs with the home that fits you.

5. E-Mail alerts to notify you when new Grants Pass real estate is available.

Automatic updates are critical when you want to make an offer on a property. They will alert you when a new listing is available that meets your specific criteria. If the property is priced as a great deal, you want to be the first one to see it and make an offer. The quicker you respond, the more likely it is that you will be the winner in a race to secure the deal.