Watch Out Dallas County Developers—Waukee Public Schools Is a Big Player

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If you plug in ‘Waukee Schools’ on the Dallas County Assessor website, 33 property/land tracts come up representing more than 320 acres of some of the most prime real estate in the county. A recently purchased 76-acre track is at the intersection of LA Grant Parkway and Ashworth Road. The district announced last week an 18-acre parcel purchase at 95th and Stagecoach in West Des Moines for a future elementary school for the growing district. These land acquisitions, coupled with reports of bursting enrollment, point to continued growth and development well into the future for Waukee Public Schools.

Whether you have children in the district or not, these are positive indicators for the people of Waukee. Where there are people, there are schools. Where there are schools there is business and housing. Where there is business and housing, there is a thriving economy.

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