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There was a poll done in 2009 showing what professional qualities that make customers want to do business with you again and again.

Here is what most of them had to say:

1)       YOU REPRESENT THEIR BEST INTEREST!  When your clients are pinned against a situation where other parties in the transaction are difficult to deal with, people want to know you have their best interest in mind.  They want someone who will go to bat for them when necessary. 

2)      LOVE YOUR JOB?  SHOW IT!   Presenting yourself as if you love what you are doing tells a big tale.  Looking uninterested in your job does not sit well with people who have entrusted one of their largest investments to you.  Enjoy it?  Flaunt it!

3)      TAKE AWAY THE STRESS!  Educated your clients on the real estate market, the paperwork and other details to a real estate transaction in itself takes a large part of stress away.  People like to be heard and their questions answered.  Remember, they do not do this every day and they are leaning on you to guide them.  Make the process as smooth as possible and your clients will appreciate it. 

4)      BEING HONEST!  Honesty is the best policy.  We have grown up understanding and believing this statement.  Many buyers may have questions that they think are stupid and they rely on the agent to make them feel like no question is a stupid one and answering them thoroughly and honestly.    Clients also seek guidance to know if their desires for a new home or the offer on their home are realistic.    They want to trust you!

We are pleased to bring you this information.  We encourage you to follow our blogs for helpful information.  When you are buying or selling real estate, our expertise will make your home buying experience enjoyable.  Call The Cody Anne Team today!  Cody Anne 928-848-1188 or Micheal Yarnes 928-533-6859.  Check out our websites www.codyanne.com or www.SearchPrescottRealEstate.com .


Some information was obtained from Realtor magazine

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