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I am in search of a good real estate attorney in the Detriot Michigan area.

Over the last few days I met the nicest couple who came here from Detroit two years ago. Unfortunately, they're not able to purchase a home in Maryland yet due to the wife having a short sale back in Detroit, that's still too recent.

What else she told me that was very hard to believe is that she's being sued by her former lender for $88,000...the deficit amount on the short sale.

My business partner and myself have done about 15 short sale transactions. Never in our experience has an owner had to pay back the deficit (or even pay taxes on the forgiven amount, for that matter).

I spoke briefly with a real estate attorney I know here, in Ellicott City, Maryland who told me that "it all depends on what was in the short sale agreement."

Sometimes in our profession you meet really good people and you just want to help them if you can. These people are some of those people.

So, I'm hoping to refer them to a real estate attorney in the Detriot area that would be able to assist them in getting to the bottom line on this for them. They don't expect any attorney to do this gratis so, if anyone knows of a good real estate attorney in the Detriot area, please let me know.

I told them that I belonged to a huge network of real estate professionals from all over the country and hopefully, I could find them someone to help.


Thanks in advance...


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