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Are you going through the "FREE" section of Craigslist to see if you can pick up something, then resell it at a Garage Sale, on Ebay or back on Craigslist, just to make some quick cash or for that next bite of food? I know exactly where you are......I understand what you're going through. I am just SO sick and tired of real estate agents, banks, and attorneys giving bad advice and taking advantage of good people, people just like you.

So...here you go:

E-Mail me at Clinton@ColoradoVistas for this FREE brochure with 14 different options to Avoid Foreclosure. You can also give me your address and I will send it to you as well. Read it. Call me or don't call. But DO SOMETHING and STOP this foreclosure!

Who am I? I'm a Colorado Broker Associate and a former Mortgage Banker with Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, BB&T Bank, and First Horizon Home Loans. I'm a Certified Home Rescue Expert, a Certified Distressed Property Expert, and a Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource; as well as a graduate of The Institue for Luxury Home Marketing with my Bachelor's in Business Management. Ultimately...I'm no one important, no one at all, unless I can help you.

The foreclosure is emminent and you're not sure what to do or where to turn. Call me or send me an e-mail for the 14 Options. If you want to talk, I have the experience and knowledge to be able to provide some answers on what you can do to possibly stop, delay or lessen the SEVEN year impact a foreclosure can have on you and your record. When you have a medical problem....you don't call just ANY old doctor, you seek a Specialist...like me.

My Flyer is Free and so is my time. I manage a team here at RE/MAX Professionals and help people in need all the time.

We do this, because simply, WE CARE about you.


L. Clinton Porter

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David Shamansky
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nice to see fellow rainers so close in proximity. most of the people I run into are miles away, not all but most. Keep on blogging and feel free to stay in touch.

PS your post is interesting

Sep 07, 2011 05:33 PM
Ron T. Weems Jr.
Weems Property Group | KW North Sound - Bothell, WA
Managing the details one home at a time.


Good marketing, hopefully you have some good SEO to go with it so prospects can find you. Good luck!

Sep 07, 2011 05:57 PM
Clinton Porter
Keller Williams - Littleton, CO

Ok...So I copied this to Active Rain from what I posted on Craigslist.  I thought: "Hey!  I've got free stuff to give away and, looking at all those unlisted homes on the NED list (Notice of Election and Demand), they need to know they have options!"  Well, Craigslist has some pretty smart cookies working for them in San Fran and they deleted my posting.  I guess you can't give free advice or free information in the "FREE" section of Craigslist.  So, I posted it under services and the guys in San Fran are happy.  I also thought, maybe someone from Active Rain would like it.  It comes from my friends at the Distressed Property Institute.  Thanks Ron and you guys from US Mortgages! 

Sep 08, 2011 03:02 AM
Not a real person
San Diego, CA

I had never thought about doing that. However, when I was in college, as soon as the college students graduated and got that job offer, when they moved out they never took their single bed. They just put it out on the curb with a FREE! sign on it. Some friends and I used to round up as many beds as we could and donate them to the homeless shelters and goodwill centers. The cool thing is that we could take the fair market value as a tax-deductible donation on our tax returns. Yes, those were the days!

Happy Friday!

Sep 23, 2011 04:16 AM