Get Prepared List For Sellers:

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Get Prepared List For Seller is a unique way for being proactive in the Edmonds WA area. It take all of the pressure out.  You are then able to concentrate on getting the staging right for a quick sell. Let's start with a few tips on questions you as an Home Seller in Edmonds WA need to consider and execute to be successful and to ensure a quick sell..  First of all you must openly detach from the emotional pull for your home that you are desiring to sell.  That way you can realistically price your home right and be in line with the CMA's listed in the sold properties in your surrounding Edmonds WA area.  Remember no one will ever know how much your home ment to you, like you.  So don't burden yourself and your broker, wasting valuable time over pricing your home. Just because of an emotional tie to your home in Edmonds WA. This also causes your home to be over priced in this down market.  Thus your home, is not as desirable as a home less comparable than yours.  Really examine the comps the broker is submitting to you and together price your home right the first time in Edmonds WA.  And save yourself the waiting and then having to lower the price again and possibly again.  So let's start with a few question to ask yourself before you put your home on the market.   Ready?  Ok!  Here We  Go!  

1.  How long have you lived in the home in Edmonds WA?

2.  What features have you most enjoyed (home, neighborhood, school in Edmonds WA)?

3.  You have such a nice home here in Edmonds WA, why would you ever think of selling?

4.  What do you need to move?

5.  What do you want to purchase?  Pricing? Timing? Convenience? Credit issues?

6.  What would it do to your plans if you couldn't sell?

7.  How much do you owe on the property in Edmonds WA?

8.  What improvements have you made to the property in Edmonds WA? Change carpet, flooring, Hardwoods, systems upgrades?

9.  How is the electrical? Plumbing? Age of Home? Based on, and relevant to, other properties on the market and comparables and   their condition in Edmonds WA?

10.  Are there any problems you are aware of?

11.  Any there any fixtures or personal property you intend to take with you? ie. plants?



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