What has been going on in the Westport MA housing market during August?

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What has been going on in the Westport  housing market during August?


Homes for sale in Westport MAHere is some real estate market data describing the housing market here in Westport during the month of August and how it compares to the same time last year. The data is from the MLS and is for single family homes.


There were 7 single family homes sold in Westport area during August 2011 at an average sale price of $317,143 and median price of $285,000. For the same period in 2010, 8 single family homes sold with an average sales price of $325,375 and median price of $297,500.


Volume is off this year by 13%, while the average price off 2.5% and the median price off 4.2%.


There are currently 129 single family homes for sale in Westport, with a median asking price of $407,900, as compared to a year ago when there were 141 homes with a median asking price of $489,900.


Although inventory is down, lower asking prices and historically low interest rates putsHomes for sale in Westport MA those interested in purchasing a single family home in Westport in a very good position. It’s time to act now!


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